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Pühapäev, 2018.11.18
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Nikki uus film
Nikki on ametlikult kinnitatud filmi "Snap." Tegemist on psüholoogilise thrilleriga. Nikki mängib peategelase armastatut. Võtted algavad märtsi lõpus.

Fresh off the Sundance premiere of their hip-hop film Filly Brown, Cima Productions has set a March 26 start date for Snap, a psychological thriller set in the world of underground dubstep. Jake Hoffman (Barney’s Version) will play a brilliant but painfully introverted musician who develops a crush on a young social worker. Twilight Saga‘s Nikki Reed will play that role. While she is initially drawn in by Jim’s musical genius, his inner demons spiral out of control when the romance fizzles, wiith shocking and tragic results. The script was written by Filly Brown producer Victor Teran. He will co-direct with his Cima partner and Filly Brown co-helmer Youssef Delara. Cima founding partner Amir Delara will produce, and Kevin Smith, an exec producer on Filly Brown, will be exec producer of Snap along with Generate’s Jeremy Platt.

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